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Elia Traders ltd is a London based international Import and Export trade company which specializes in business transactions between Manufacturers and Buyers.

Import and Export

Here at Elia traders ltd we offer a unique and all-encompassing import&Export of products for all your business needs. we utilise all the strengths and benefits available as part of our group, while offering best prices and services to your business.

Wide Range

We covers a wide range of products in most of industries including Food & Drinks, Chemicals, Constructions, Sports & Leisure and Industrial Raw materiel.

Inspection service

We offer a wide variety of services and perks that other trading companies do not including factory Inspection service and quality control where you save money and time.


Here at Elia Traders we offer your business a unique and comprehensive worldwide import & export service every step of the way. We have multilingual team and our offices arounf the world utilise all the strengths and benefits available as part of our group to your business.

World Wide

We have our offices and strong partners aroud the world in heart of world markets and the capacity as part of our group to develop further international partners as needed. This comes with the strength and leverage of being part of worlds top Markets and Industries. This extends to our import licensing services and our ability to identify opportunities in markets worldwide and mobilise products to these markets.


Whether it’s sourcing products worldwide, import, export, freight, logistics, custom clearance, storage, distribution, licensing, finance plans or bulk buying, our experienced team at Elia traders have got you covered every step of the way.

Interested to talk to one of our expert?

If you want to speak to one of our expert please call us or fill in inquiry form we will get in touch with you.

We work for the best clients

Elia Traders ltd works with top clients around the globe in different industries. We're proud to have strong Manufacturer, Industrialists and producers around the globe. Elia Trade, is a key player in the international indenting business. Backed by an extensive global network we source variety of products for our clients.

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